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Official Bear Trail

Welcome to the Official Bear Trail group! The international community of Bears is a force not to be underestimated. 

Build a fence, grow a garden, raise some animals, and crush.

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Hey guys, I'm travelling a bit, trying to solidify parts of the Bear Trail for the next few weeks while I wait for in-person classes to start (diesel school.)  I'm going from Nebraska to Georgi...
Started by Full Gretard Bear in Official Bear Trail 2 days ago
I have skills to offer all Bears that happen to come through Manchester, Michigan. I have been taking classes in Commando Krav Maga, which is Gun and Knife disarming. I am a Level 3 Student and hav...
Started by Lady Pitbullbear in Official Bear Trail 1 month ago
My family has a small hobby farm just outside London ON. We have a raised garden beds, a corn and squash patch, meat chickens, laying hens, and sheep for milk, wool and lamb meat. We sell all these...
Started by Orc-Slayer Bear in Official Bear Trail 2 months ago