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Started by Lady Pitbullbear in Bear Trail 5 months ago

I have skills to offer all Bears that happen to come through Manchester, Michigan. I have been taking classes in Commando Krav Maga, which is Gun and Knife disarming. I am a Level 3 Student and have been actively learning this skill for 7 years. I can give quite a few pointers in a short amount of time. I will be offering this free of charge. The techniques  I can teach could save a life one day! 

Email me for details at:

Sounds amazing, Lady Pitbullbear. Aside from some short over-the-border shopping at Fort Gratiot, I haven't been to Michigan since my sister-in-law moved from there to Florida. Definitely sounds like you have some amazing skills to offer, and I hopefully you're able to help other bears to be ready for the wild times we're heading towards :-)
5 months ago

@Al_Ka  ,

Yes indeed! 

If and when this thing is "over," Bears around the Ann Arbor/ Ypsi, Chelsea/ Manchester area are more than welcome to join us on Thursday nights for our regular classes in Dexter. We offer Commando Krav Maga classes for FREE! Contact me for more details!

4 months ago

@lady-pitbullbear that's crazy, as my sister in-law lived in the Ann Arbor/Ipsy area (first lived in one, then moved to the other during her time in MI) when she lived in Michigan. Anyhow, keep the gravy coming ;-) 

4 months ago
Fremont Mi here! Got beds and couches if yall need a place to stay. Family farm with chickens so far, trying to set up for more animals and a big garden next summer.
1 month ago
Hello I just joined. Happy to be with all of you. Im in Ludington. God Bless all of you. 
1 week ago