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Started by Full Gretard Bear in Official Bear Trail 2 months ago

Hey guys, I'm travelling a bit, trying to solidify parts of the Bear Trail for the next few weeks while I wait for in-person classes to start (diesel school.)  I'm going from Nebraska to Georgia to Texas to Arizona so far.  I'm in Kansas City right now.  I was planning on doing some carpentry and farming on a homestead in Georgia for a couple weeks.  It might be falling through, however, which frees me up for a while.  I'd love to help people out - trade labor for a roof and food, share skills, etc. - or just meet more bears.  I'm have mechanical, carpentry, and landscaping skills.  I got out of the military right before the hiring freeze for coronu, which is why I have this freedom to travel right now.

I'm a long time bear with established bear friendships - I'll just ask that someone verifies they know you fairly well before I drive to meet you.  I assume you'd do the same.  If it's easier or faster, my IG tag is @movementexplore.   Hit me up on one of these platforms.  God Bless!

Hey, Full Gretard Bear! Sounds like you're having a ton of fun! If you do end up doing the Georgia gig I'd love to hear about it. I'm hoping to move there in the next few months. My brother worked for a year at FLETC, came back to California for a bit, and then got his FLETC job back and moved out there permanently last December. I'll stay with him in Brunswick for a bit, but I want to start a little homestead of my own as soon as possible. I've never been there, and it'd be nice to hear what it's like from a farming perspective.

Keep crushing, and I hope your schooling goes well. :)

1 month ago
Thank you Angel Bear!  I'll get some pictures and stuff and let you know how it is.  The dude whose homestead I'm visiting absolutely crushes on just one acre. Should be great stuff!
1 month ago
If you make it around Dallas, hit us up on the Dallas bears.
1 month ago
Thanks, FGB! I'm looking forward to hearing about it!
1 month ago

Full Gretard,

We're by Austin TX, I have an extra room, and our homestead has lots of work needs doing.  I only know a couple bears though- Anthony Clark and Radio Bear. I have a family so I gotta be careful about internet friends too. But yeah, possibilities! 

Best wishes.

1 week ago

Hey Angel Bear! 

I’m from southeast GA.. living and loving in Brunswick now but soon moving out to more land in Brantley County. 

Gardening is very fruitful even on a small patch. Animals love it. It does get hot and humid but that also can be a plus side to your crops if you learn how to work with everything, lots of good thing happening down in GA! 

Hope you enjoyed your visit Full Gretard Bear. Enjoy the journey. 

1 week ago