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Carolinas Crushing

Do you live in or around the Carolinas? Do you crush?  Do you want to connect with other bears in your area? Well then, this might be the saloon for you!

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Hi everyone! I’m looking forward to homesteading and crushing in North Carolina! Work and work “family” helped me choose the location. I’m very excited!!!My “kid” sister flew to CA to help me sort ...
Started by Beverly in Carolinas Crushing 3 hours ago
 What up Bears!
Started by Homestead Bear in Carolinas Crushing 1 week ago
rjambi@gmail.comWe need to follow Owen's advice on this one. I'd really like to have 10 people within driving distance "bear" minimum. I'm in Gastonia, NC. Let's create our network.God BlessStatesb...
Started by RedneckBear in Carolinas Crushing 1 month ago
Seems like the really good land in NC is half a million dollars; so, if we got ten (10) families with $50K each we could buy something as a collective and divvy it up the way we want.  What do ...
Started by Crawling Bear in Carolinas Crushing 1 month ago
Hey guys,  let’s get together.  Meet ups,  fishing trips,  camping.  
Started by Flat_moon_Bear in Carolinas Crushing 1 month ago