Muskegon/Michigan Bears

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Any Northern Michigan Bears?

Started by Patrick in Muskegon/Michigan Bears 5 months ago
4 months ago
There are on the bear trail! If your not one of them but a if your willing to drive down we having a bear meet up
I'm here. Just joined. I'm in Ludington. 
1 month ago

@liza-smith my grandparents used to live in Ludington! I’m in Flint right now staying with a brother. Just came back from living in Oregon. We had a great bear meet in Fremont at Western Ranger bear’s farm with I think 27 in attendance! It was amazing. I’ve been looking on BV and the GBT connecting with other Michigan bears. Don’t think I found you on social media. Feel free to reach out if you’re looking to connect with more bears/friends!

Thank you for reaching out to me. I would like to go too a meeting someday. So thankful to have a place to find like minded people. Nice to know we have a few bears close. Happy he has a place big enough for bears to meet. I  wish I did. I want to sell soon and get out in the country so we can start homesteading. My husband and I both have farming backgrounds. Ready to get back to working the land. Just a few like 5 or 10 acers would nice. Pray for us to be able to to do it soon. I don't have many to ask. The only one praying for us is my husband's mother. If you have any prayer needs let me know and I'll pray for you. I pray for all of us daily. God Bless you. 

2 weeks ago

Northern Michigan at heart, but I'm in Lansing. I lived up near Cadillac in a little town in north-west Osceola County called Tustin for about 5 years but had to move to the city for school and work. Knowing what I know now, I would have stayed up there

3 days ago

I'm in Swartz Creek not too far from ya.