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Just a gathering of Bears who like to write fiction, poetry, blogs, or whatever
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1 year ago
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Started by BladesmithBear (Formerly HammarBear) in Bears who Write / Blog 3 weeks ago
Good evening, everyone. Just want to reach out a whole year after starting this thread and then forgetting about it…..I've been on Telegram mostly these days, but I'd love to collab with fellow wri...
Started by Travis in Bears who Write / Blog 5 months ago
Hey bears,I wanted to start a thread for writers' wanting critique on their work. Or even a place for bears to post sample chapters to elicit interest in their work.So, I'll go first.This is the fi...
Started by Pine Swamp Bear in Bears who Write / Blog 5 months ago
Hello, I'm curious what you guys do to brain storm ideas for fictional stories? So far I'm working on a fictional ebook with a Christian viewpoint within it. I have bits of the story line written d...
Started by HammarBear in Bears who Write / Blog 5 months ago
So I guess I'll start things off with my own blogs. First, my main site. I post under 2 different accounts there.  I use HammarBear as well as my real name. I post my Gardening work, Forging stuff,...
Started by Brisket Bear in Bears who Write / Blog 8 months ago
I do cartooning. Have a cartoon memory system. Wondering if anyone would like to help make a weekly comics page for free advertising magazines that carry self development content. Could be compiled...

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