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Started by HammarBear in Bears who Write / Blog 7 months ago

So I guess I'll start things off with my own blogs. 
First, my main site. I post under 2 different accounts there.  I use HammarBear as well as my real name. I post my Gardening work, Forging stuff, sometimes range day stuff, and car photography.

Next, my writing / fiction blog that follows the COVID story, but deviates mid-april into a parallel, speculative fiction work. There isn't a ton posted yet, but I'm still working on it. I post on this one under a Pen name.

Thank you for starting this group. Cool. I do want to start my own blog very soon. I have a couple of writings that I want to put up. I think it will be interesting! How did you put your material up on a blog? Any good resources? Any tips?  
4 months ago
@hammarbear  Thanks for making this thread. I have been interested in blogging as well, hey whats up @bigfoot !, and I am interested in any pointers that you may have. Do you have to pay to post your writing? Is it a membership kind of deal to get onto a blog site? Again thanks for posting. Looking forward to your fiction work on the covid situation. 
4 months ago

Okay this will be my first rant. I am not a blogger or writer by trade. I am decent with verbage and throwing sentences together. I have had to write in apa format for the last few years so on a creative level this might be lacking. 

The catch-22 of alternative platforms.                  As much as I love sg it gets tiresome to constantly be on the defense in how you respond to posts and the like. The intellectual snobbery that runs rampant on that platform is vexing to say the least. I got on that site to express my opinion and possibly discuss similar and alternative viewpoints. I have found more often than not individuals retaliating against my opinion with the threat of muting and banning. Not to mention unkind words as to my character, which unless you know me, is impossible to ascertain through soical media sites. If my opinions were slathered in derogatory curses and expletives, then I certainly understand that method. Some opinions which, that is what the entire site is based on (free expression of ones opinion), are mostly respectful with very little if any inapporpriate language. I merely have a differing view and have been chastised albeit threatend with censorship. Granted it is by singular individuals not  the platform itself (because I am breaking no rules). Unfortunately the intention of silencing dissent is still there. This goes against the entire purpose of the creation of UATV and SG. So it is confounding and irritating to come into contact with individuals, I have interacted with before, who try to regulate other responses. I am not sure what the take home is supposed to be. That makes them no better than the gammas who shut down free speech and control the direction of conversations. If said individuals took the time to engage they would have found an alignment of political beliefs and possibly similar religious practices. However, we have all forgotten how to communicate thanks to these friendly smart devices. The nuances you can pick up in normal discussion is lost on the internet. I would think that a platform dedicated to more out of the box thinkers would be more encouraging of differing opinions. This does not seem to be the case. Not only have I witnessed this and been a part of it, I have seen several back and forth threads of intolerance that resulted in moderator muting and banning. If I wanted to be on a site like fb I would have kept it. I don't like the drama or the stifling of opinions that are now bleeding into sites like sg. One of the reasons I want to have more contact with folks through this site is to eliminate this weird intellectual superiority complex that is infecting the feeds on sg. Some may read this and write me off as perhaps a ranting dumb karen while others may know exactly what I am talking about. I am not feeble minded and have never asked anyone on any of these sites to watch how and what they say by threat of ostracization. Obviously I am not perfect and have had past discussions inside threads of others that I didn't agree with or understand. In those instances and yes after names were traded and general pleasantries were exhausted, I muted and moved on with life. What I didn't do was tell them specifically to be careful what they say or muting will ensue over a differing viewpoint. Virtue signaling while silencing an alternative opinion doesn't make you intellectually superior, it makes you an sjw.  Isn't there enough of that going on in the world right now? I thought it was just a leftist tactic to silence and promote disunity. It is disheartening to say the least. This will no doubt ruffle some feathers, that is inevitable. I just do not care if it offends because there are way more pressing matters at hand. If anything be a little more humble in your interactions with strangers who have all come to the exact same place to find the very thing they are being silenced for. Freedom of expression without the constant baraging of high handed political correctness. 

To be clear I am not bashing sg or sg users specifically, I am addressing things that have been noticed and on my mind in regards to the subject above. We are all adults here and discourse is a vital component to knowledge. We are all here to expand that base. So let's do that then. 

 I do value feedback but please keep it respectful. If you have serious issue with what I have said feel free to message me directly through this site and we can discuss further. If you agree or like what I said the same goes for you. Comment or message me direct and we can have a discussion. Thanks for reading. 

4 months ago
I got a PM reply to this blog and I deleted it without grabbing the recipient info! I just wanted to say thank you for the reply and the understanding the perspective I was attempting to convey. I have been active on SG and discord with fellow bears for some months now and finally have an understanding of the personalities that are on these platforms. Just a quick howdya and thanks. God Bless!
1 week ago