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I know there is already a couple gardening groups, but since there is such an array of discussions associated with gardening, I decided to create this group just for people wanting to show off their garden, and share tips and tricks with what they are doing.

As the discussions grow, they get a bit out of control, and unorganized. This is an attempt to create specific groups for different gardening discussions in order to make information more accessible according to what people are looking to learn.

I know many of us have gardens that we have worked hard on, and many of us would love to learn more tricks and gain inspiration from other gardens. So let this be the place where we can post our progress, and where bears can ask each other how they achieved what they have growing! 

I'm very thankful to all of the bears who have contributed to these discussions, and who have helped other bears get started with their own gardens. It gives my joy to see others who have never planted anything in their life, get inspired to get a garden going. 

And one last request from me is if you received seeds from me, PLEASE post progress pictures! I love seeing new growers, it keeps my generosity from waning, and keeps me wanting to give more and see what people are capable of.  Even if you are not having success, don't be afraid to show your weaknesses, on order to grow and learn from others things you would have never known.

This is a chance for us all to grow with each other, in many ways! 

Much love, and I will start using a different, more appropriate phrase I heard from Laconic bear;

Grow with God


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