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Working with clay soil

Started by Travis in Garden Gravy-A Place to Grow and Share 1 month ago

Anyone got any experience working with clay soil? I don't, but I'm about to this year. 

Water tends to puddle up easily in my backyard and then drain slowly, so I thought raised beds would be the best route. But, I don't want to buy soil for about 200-250 square feet of garden space (plus pots and containers). So I thought of another option. I'm going to dig 18-24 inches in each space and then fill it with small logs, sticks, and maybe some leaves and pine needles. Then, put the soil back on top to use a my growing medium. I figure this would help with water drainage. 

I could also mix compost into the soil to help with drainage. 

Has anyone tried anything like this or gardened with clay soil? 

1 week ago

I like the raised bed idea. Why not use the lasagna method and just use soil/compost on the top couple inches? Your clay mixed in w/ compost will be great for growing b/c the clay holds in nutrients longer.

To step up your compost game, you can start collecting organic matter or get stuff dropped off/dumped in the driveway. Some ideas:

•Ash, raises pH
•Bagged leaves
•Coffee grounds
•Food scraps
•Pet fur
•Rotted wood
•Seaweed/aquatic greens
•Spent grain
•Wood chips