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West Virginia Bears

The MD side of WV

Started by BeneBear in West Virginia Bears 5 days ago

Hey bears.

Just moved into Garrett Co. Maryland, basically WV, and looking to get connected with ppl up on this side of the state.
My family and I are in Accident, MD.

Whats up?

Welcome, fellow Bear! What brought you to Accident? I know a family there. They own Art Butler Auto. Good people!

My family (one wife, 4 male cubs) and I are currently in Marion County, WV but we are looking for land for a homestead. 

5 days ago

Work brought me here.

And I just met Doug and his son. They sold me some winter tires and they're going to sell me some more! Nice guy.

5 days ago
What do you do for a living?
4 days ago
I'm a Lutheran Pastor.
4 days ago

Very cool! I am the grandson of a Baptist minister and grew up in a family that traveled around the country singing contemporary Christian music for the most part of the 80's and 90's (they started long before I came into the world in 81). It gave me a very interesting perspective on the "business" of church and religion and a VERY firm foundation in faith and LOGOS. BB's explanation of a lot of this has made me realize I wasn't the only person who understood that there is a natural order that was not explained/understood by most people, even those in the church. "Not everyone who says, 'LORD LORD, will enter the Kingdom of Heaven!"

I have always believed that someone intelligence is measured by whether or not you can discuss your beliefs and learn from others. Most people, if you question something they believe as truth, completely shut down when you question it. I have always questioned EVERYTHING, except the  Existence of God. I have not questioned that since late high school. 

What is your family like? Any cubs?

4 days ago

4 cubs and I always get the "God bless you" or "doin it old school huh?". I say "someone's got to fill these pews!

Yes, ive encountered the misunderstanding of the relationship of the church and business. The church should not be a business, but some people believe that it should be above "regular life" business and that's far from the truth. The Church on earth is a grassroots movement, voluntary. And it takes volunteers who have to manage earthly problems with earthly things. I try my best to teach against the "super spiritual" view of Church and instead present a very organic view.

I agree with your intelligence assessment. those are also the best people to talk to, even if no one changes their minds at that moment. To try and present facts and truth to someone who doesn't want to hear it is maddening. Unfortunately, that is a lot of ppl in church. So we hobble along, taking the long view, and hope that it eventually gets across. Especially this face diaper business.

Marion Co is within visiting distance! Have you gotten together with any other family bears?

2 days ago

We have not gotten together with any other Bears yet, but not for a lack of trying.  The only one I have found locally is a younger guy without a family. We would be game to get together though. 

We have only been back here for a couple of months and have been working on selling our house. We moved to Texas last July and came back because of Coronu. My wife didn't want to be there without any family close.

Like I said a few posts ago, we have 4 boys. They are 8 months, 3, 10 and 14. We get comments a lot as well but most are directed to my wife being the only female.  What are your cubs like?

After Thanksgiving we can get together in Morgantown if you all would be up to it. There are tons of places there we could break bread, provided Coronu doesn't close it all down. 

2 days ago