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Los Angeles Bears

This is for people who live in Los Angeles AND are bears! We're doing survival among the beast system here already.  Light in darkness . . . knowing that God has in multiple ways shown us what He c...
59 14 2

5 uur geleden
St. Louis Bears

Place to meet and organize for bears in St. Louis and vicinity.
25 11 0 Missouri Mo Saint Louis St. Louis Midwest Illinois IL

9 uur geleden
Bears who Write / Blog

Just a gathering of Bears who like to write fiction, poetry, blogs, or whatever
31 4 0 blog writing Bears fiction

9 uur geleden
Upstate Ursae

For those Bears still living in the penal colony that is Upstate NY. A place where we can hang out and bloom where we are planted.Welcome to all other Bears that wanna stop by and say 'howdy.'
36 6 1 Upstate NY New York NYS

11 uur geleden
Dallas Bears

For bears in the DFW area
40 16 1

12 uur geleden
New Jersey Bears

Bears located in the garden state! Connect, grow, and learn together. 
22 1 0 New Jersey Bears

14 uur geleden
Iowa Bears

Bears in the Iowa area helping each other grow.
7 2 0 Iowa

16 uur geleden
Riverside County Bears

Looking for any bears within Riverside County, CA. I’ve seen groups with bears centered around the LA and SD areas, but I want to see if there’s any closer to where I’m situated.
2 0 0 California Riverside County Bears

1 dag geleden
Bear Singles

A group for single bears anywhere and everywhere. Make a post here about yourself and where you're at. Users here may message you.
355 8 0 singles dating courting

1 dag geleden
San Diego Bears

Group of bears located in or near San Diego. Creating Community where we are located, whether single or  married all are welcome. In the future, we are looking to have events, BBQ's, meetups, and m...
44 9 2 San Diego

1 dag geleden
Bear Trail

Welcome to the Bear Trail group! The international community of Bears is a force not to be underestimated. Build a fence, grow a garden, raise some animals, and crush.Sign up for the bear trail at ...
171 9 0 Unbearables Bear Trail Bear Community

1 dag geleden
Black Swamp Bears

Calling all NW Ohio Bears!
9 2 0

1 dag geleden
Pacific Northwest Bears

For Bears in Washington, Oregon, British Columbia, and Alaska. Idahoans welcome too!
141 25 2 PNW Oregon Washington British Columbia

1 dag geleden
She Bears

A group for us wahmens. I have to admit I have selfish reasons for starting this group. I need bear advice about my relationship and as much as I appreciate the male perspective, I think it would b...
108 15 0 Women moms Relationships

1 dag geleden

A place where we can connect and discuss the ideas/ plans to create our own airships. The future of Beartaria will need reliable transportation, plus there is nothing as objectively cool as Bears f...
9 1 0 Bearship Airship

1 dag geleden
Bears of the feather

Bears of the feather is a Poultry discussion group for chickens, ducks, geese, turkey, and game birds.
16 2 0 Chickens ducks geese turkey Poultry chicken Homesteading eggs Meat livestock

1 dag geleden
Central Florida Bears

Bears who live in Central Florida
26 5 0

2 dagen geleden
Health Bears

And said, If thou wilt diligently hearken to the voice of the Lord thy God, and wilt do that which is right in His sight, and wilt give ear to his commandments, and keep all his statutes, I will pu...
128 8 0 Health Biblical Health

2 dagen geleden
Skywatching Bears

Skywatching events will be posted here. Feel free to add your own!
66 5 1

2 dagen geleden
Carolinas Crushing

Do you live in or around the Carolinas? Do you crush?  Do you want to connect with other bears in your area? Well then, this might be the saloon for you!
47 11 1 Carolina Crushing MeetUp

2 dagen geleden
Kentucky/Indiana/Ohio Sleuth

What do bears do in a sleuth? Crush. So if you are a bear in the area, join the group for logos, good discussions, ideas, and community.
87 27 4 Meet Up

2 dagen geleden