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Bear Trail

Welcome to the Bear Trail group! The international community of Bears is a force not to be underestimated. Build a fence, grow a garden, raise some animals, and crush.Sign up for the bear trail at ...
149 8 0 Unbearables Bear Trail Bear Community

4 days ago
Alberta Bears

Greetings Alberta Bears! This group is for Bears living in the Alberta area. 
7 2 0 Western Canada Bears West Coast Bears Alberta Bears

5 days ago
Los Angeles Bears

This is for people who live in Los Angeles AND are bears! We're doing survival among the beast system here already.  Light in darkness . . . knowing that God has in multiple ways shown us what He c...
43 9 1

5 days ago
Irish Bears

This group will be a news sharing/ networking / strategizing forum for all Irish Bears.*Bard Voice*- Introduce yourself- Broach a topic- Share some news about your community or Experience- Share th...
19 2 0 Ireland Irish Leinster Munster Connacht Ulster HiBearNia

5 days ago
Mid Atlantic/Mountaineer Bears

WV, PA, MD, VA, and related areas.
46 4 1

5 days ago

Just a group for German bears.
5 1 0 german Bears

6 days ago
Homesteading Community Development

Greetings to all, in the emerging community of Social Galactic, discussing how we might forge the first tangible homesteading co-op, with a physical location, for the like-minded. If there is alrea...
47 6 0

6 days ago
West Virginia Bears

I am moving to West Virginia in a few months to start a Homestead and I am looking for some Bears to ladle the gravy with.
10 1 0 gravy No fancy pants No lollies Logos homestead

6 days ago
St. Louis Bears

Place to meet and organize for bears in St. Louis and vicinity.
20 9 0 Missouri Mo Saint Louis St. Louis Midwest Illinois IL

6 days ago
Central Texas Bears

Folks in and around Austin.
49 14 1 texas austin

1 week ago
2A & the like

All things around the 2A and like minded topics
67 7 0 2a firearms AR Sleuth CAD

1 week ago
Music Bears

For bears who enjoy making and listening to music.  Suggest cool bands or share your original music with others.  Maybe even start a band with other bears...  For bears all over the world.
67 12 0 Music Guitar Bass Bands CDs MP3 Drums Pedals

1 week ago
Employ bears.

Own a business? Wanna hire bears? Think of this as a 'looking for work' group.
3 0 0

1 week ago
Northern Indy

Logos filled, Christ following, stead oriented, truth seeking, flat earth, guns, family, and chill Bears
2 0 0

1 week ago
Crafts, Arts, Creatings and stuff

Those who create, inspire others to inspire others....From craft to craft
128 25 0 Art

1 week ago
Bearers of the Gospel

If you are seeking the Creator, and what the Good News of God is, this group is for you.
133 9 0 Bible Gospel Yeshua Iesous Jesus Messiah Good News God Creator

1 week ago
East Idaho Bears

If you're anywhere near Rexburg, Rigby, Idaho Falls, Pocatello and the like, please join us! It seems Bears are few and far between in these parts, and we'd like to build a community of bears out h...
7 2 0 Idaho East Idaho Idaho Falls Rexburg Pocatello Rigby Blackfoot Shelley Ammon St. Anthony Ashton

1 week ago
Bears of Finland

Group for the bears in Finland to get in touch with each other, share local information and tips.
3 1 0 Suomi Finland Information Tietoa Tips Vinkkejä

1 week ago
South Texas Bears

Any bears in the Rio Grande Valley or Corpus Christi are welcome. Even if you're not from there, you are still most welcome in this saloon.
10 3 0 South Texas

1 week ago
Crushing with Cultured Foods

Cultured foods are ancestral, biblical and fuel the body we were designed to live WELL in.  This group is for solution based bears, if you are attached to a diagnosis you were given, meaning it def...
91 24 0 Crushing GrowYourOwnFood Health Homesteading gravyenthusiast culturedfoods withbearhands wellness NoOneIsHavingMoreFunThanUs

1 week ago