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Great Lakes Bears

Bears from Cleveland to Erie PA and surrounding areas. 
43 5 0 Ohio Pennsylvania Tattoo Lake Erie Erie Cleveland Ashtabula Conneaut United States

1 week ago
Wisco Bears

A place for Bears in Wisconsin to connect and CRUSH!
16 1 1

1 week ago
Sober Bears

For Bears who are in AA or just trying to quit drinking.  Helping others by sharing  experiences or giving words of hope and support.
20 4 0

1 week ago
Upper Midwest Bears

BillingtanuBEAR here. Looking to connect the Bear Trail through the upper Midwest region. 
63 9 0 Ohio Wisconsin Missouri Indiana Michigan Illinois Minnesota Iowa

1 week ago
Homesteading Community Development

Greetings to all, in the emerging community of Social Galactic, discussing how we might forge the first tangible homesteading co-op, with a physical location, for the like-minded. If there is alrea...
62 7 0

2 weeks ago
Sioux Falls SD Area

I'm not sure if there's anyone else on here in my area so I'm keeping this open ended. I'm a Christian man raising a traditional family. We could orient the group around fitness, family, Bible stud...
9 3 0 SD Sioux Falls Brandon Christian Fitness Family

2 weeks ago
Polish Bears

Group for Bears from Poland.Happy do discuss any and all Poland connected issues. Organize meet ups and anything else
10 2 0 Poland Polish meet ups

2 weeks ago
Utah Bears

From Snowville to St. George, Wendover to Vernal. Slick Rock deserts to High Uinta lakes. Land of the 4 seasons and many faiths. 
20 7 0

2 weeks ago
Bear Good Fruit: Seed Exchange

A group where bears can build our community by sharing seeds  and growing closer to our food supply. Share your surplus or trade, no magic squares(money). Every seed counts, help bears get started ...
189 16 0 Homesteading Gardening GrowYourOwnFood

2 weeks ago
Nevada bears

This is a calling for all Bears in Nevada. Let’s start communicating with each other VegasjewbearDevin 
6 1 0 las vegas henderson Nevada Reno

2 weeks ago

somewhere aussie bears can connect. 
37 10 0 Australia.Adelaide.

2 weeks ago
Atlantic Canada Bears - NB, NS, PEI, Nfld

We'll use this as the Home for the Atlantic Provinces as there aren't many of us yet.  If you want to start your own Provincial group, Awesome!
16 2 0 New Brunswick Prince Edward Island Nova Scotia Newfoundland

2 weeks ago
Northern Spain

Hey there!We're building a homesteading community in northern Spain. If anybody is in the area or is interested, please do reach out ;)  you can do so by joining our Telegram group at
2 0 0 Homesteading Community Spain

2 weeks ago

Demoro! Sleeping Giants.Beartaria no Brasil.
2 1 0 brasil

2 weeks ago
Massachusetts bears

Hey i know im in a liberal ass state but anyone from mass?
28 7 0

2 weeks ago
Swiss Bears

Bears who live in or are in any other way connected to Switzerland
8 1 0

2 weeks ago
Ontario Bears

Bears from Ontario, Canada can join this group! 
58 6 2 Ontario Canada Bears, Eh

2 weeks ago
Philadelphia Area Bears

For all of the legends in Philly & in the vicinity
32 5 1

2 weeks ago
Biker Bears

A forum for motorcyclist bears worldwide.  Share pics of your motorcycle, and tell your biking stories.
31 3 0 bike motorcycle biker travel

2 weeks ago
North Dakota Bears

All bears big and small, old and young, wise and dim to meet and find each other. 
19 5 0

3 weeks ago
UK / England / Britain Bears

I'm currently living in London. I have a feeling things are going to get worse pretty soon. I would like to be in contact with some like minded bears on the off-chance we need to keep each other an...
21 1 0 UK Bears England London Britain

3 weeks ago