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First we build, then we feast

Hello bears and bearettes!Are you new to food preservation? Just starting your gardens and orchards? Or heading to your local you-picks or farms for bulk fresh fruits and veggies? Need a helpful pa...
28 6 2 Food canning preserving kitchen seed-saving cooking baking Gardening recipes

3 weeks ago
New Hampshire Bears

group for all Bears hailing from the Shire. 
8 3 0 new hampshire nh shire new england

4 weeks ago
2A & the like

All things around the 2A and like minded topics
45 6 0 2a firearms AR Sleuth CAD

4 weeks ago
Orthodox Bears

Orthodox Church - Roum, Copt, Oriental, etc.Bears have a sense of humour, obviously.The Great Unspiralling.Here you can talk about all matters Ursine and also your faith at the same time.We know wh...
13 1 0 Christian orthodox

1 month ago
Crushing with Cultured Foods

Cultured foods are ancestral, biblical and fuel the body we were designed to live WELL in.  This group is for solution based bears, if you are attached to a diagnosis you were given, meaning it def...
62 23 0 Crushing GrowYourOwnFood Health Homesteading gravyenthusiast culturedfoods withbearhands wellness NoOneIsHavingMoreFunThanUs

1 month ago
Indoor Gardening Bears

For all apartment Bears and other Bears who don't have our own usable land yet. We can still produce a lot of our own food using indoor gardening techniques like hydroponics, aquaponics, and contai...
34 3 0 Homesteading Crushing Gardening

1 month ago

A second attempt at genuine community. "Dallas Bears" definitely wasn't it. 
1 0 0

1 month ago
Sober Bears

For Bears who are in AA or just trying to quit drinking.  Helping others by sharing  experiences or giving words of hope and support.
11 4 0

1 month ago
Connecticut Bears

For any Bears in Connecticut or the the surrounding area. Looking to get in contact with some locals of like-mind. 
5 1 0 Connecticut new england

1 month ago
Carolinas Crushing

Do you live in or around the Carolinas? Do you crush?  Do you want to connect with other bears in your area? Well then, this might be the saloon for you!
26 4 0 Carolina Crushing MeetUp

1 month ago
Bear humor

A place for jokes, fun clips and bear humor. 
62 6 0 Fun joke humor laugh bearhumor laughingbear

1 month ago
Bears of Britain

A group for Bears of the British Isles.
12 1 0

1 month ago
Albuquerque/new mexico bears

bears local to the duke city or new mexico general. meet ups help outs and local gravy
5 1 0 abq duke city new mexico

1 month ago

For all the bears in CO
15 1 0 colorado

1 month ago
Advice for new trade, attention tradesman

 I’m looking to add a trade to my quiver may need to be able to use their hands proficiently especially in this new future were allowing to be forged trade bears What’s your trade and would you sug...
4 0 0 Trades jobs work

1 month ago
Great Lakes Bears

Bears from Cleveland to Erie PA and surrounding areas. 
26 4 0 Ohio Pennsylvania Tattoo Lake Erie Erie Cleveland Ashtabula Conneaut United States

1 month ago
St. Louis Bears

Place to meet and organize for bears in St. Louis and vicinity.
5 0 0

1 month ago
Bear Classifieds

Hey Bears!  I'm making this group for Bears to hire their own.  Post here if you need to hire someone, or just need some work done, or if you have skills to offer, need work, are travelling and wan...
10 1 0 @beartrail @bearjobs @skills @bearmeetup @classifieds

1 month ago
Swiss Bears

Bears who live in or are in any other way connected to Switzerland
4 0 0

1 month ago
bearfit - bears discuss fitnes, fasting, nutrition, exercise and physical performance

hail bearsthis group is all about lifting weights, swinging bells, running biking and calisthenicslooking to do livestreams chats and discussionsim on IG  the_kettlebell_bearim huge on fasting kett...
12 0 0

1 month ago
Middle Tennessee Bears

Looking for like minded bears in the Nashville area, who want to organize, chat, meet up and form a local community
6 1 0

1 month ago