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Bears of Britain

A group for Bears of the British Isles.
26 1 0

3 weeks ago
Bears in Scandinavia

For like minded bears in Scandinavia (Sweden, Norway and Denmark)
16 2 0 Sweden Norway Denmark Stockholm Oslo Copenhagen Sverige Norge Danmark Scandinavia Skandinavien

3 weeks ago
Boise Bears

Connecting the bears in the Boise, ID area!
19 4 0

3 weeks ago
New Zealand Bears

Bears who live in New Zealand, have visited or wish to visit New Zealand and other bears who are simply interested in New Zealand.
7 1 0 New Zealand Kiwi Oceania Aotearoa Bear Trail

3 weeks ago
Illinois bears

Exactly what you expect, just a group for bears in Illinois. My main goal for the group is to help people in the state meet up and create connections. Illinois is a liberal hell hole and it seems l...
8 1 0

3 weeks ago
Middle Tennessee Bears

Looking for like minded bears in the Nashville area, who want to organize, chat, meet up and form a local community
16 2 0

3 weeks ago
Music Bears

For bears who enjoy making and listening to music.  Suggest cool bands or share your original music with others.  Maybe even start a band with other bears...  For bears all over the world.
78 13 0 Music Guitar Bass Bands CDs MP3 Drums Pedals

4 weeks ago
Bearers of the Gospel

If you are seeking the Creator, and what the Good News of God is, this group is for you.
150 9 0 Bible Gospel Yeshua Iesous Jesus Messiah Good News God Creator

4 weeks ago
Bears of the Balkans unite!

This group is made for bears from Balkans. Let's form a unity so we can rebuild what our ancestors lost for lollipops and fancy pants. It's open for anybody from Balkans except for atheist, there i...
6 1 0 Balkans Religon God Truth

4 weeks ago
home remedies

share your home remedies
61 7 0 home remedies, homeopathic selfcare

4 weeks ago
Santa Barbara Bears

For the few who get it along California's southern central coast! 
6 0 0 California

4 weeks ago
Orthodox Bears

Orthodox Church - Roum, Copt, Oriental, etc.Bears have a sense of humour, obviously.The Great Unspiralling.Here you can talk about all matters Ursine and also your faith at the same time.We know wh...
22 2 0 Christian orthodox

4 weeks ago

Bears North of Sacramento. Skills, thrills, chills, welcome. 
11 1 0 Northern Californians Northern California Sacramento

1 month ago
Bear humor

A place for jokes, fun clips and bear humor. 
128 10 0 Fun joke humor laugh bearhumor laughingbear

1 month ago
Bears of Finland

Group for the bears in Finland to get in touch with each other, share local information and tips.
5 1 0 Suomi Finland Information Tietoa Tips Vinkkejä

1 month ago
Melbourne/Victorian Bears

Hi all,Starting a Bear Vibe group for all Melbourne/Victorian Bears. All are welcome.Would be amazing to meet other bears and the discussion of a future potential south east Australian Beartaria.
5 1 0 Melbourne Australia Victoria Crushing

1 month ago
Merced County Sleuth

Looking to meet like minded bears and barter my skills in automotive repair/maintenance, gardening, and chickens. 
4 2 0

1 month ago
Bears of Germany

Bears currently living in Germany.
4 1 0 Germany Deutschland

1 month ago
Maine Bears

Southern Coast of Maine Bears. Who is your master?
14 2 0

1 month ago
Mid Atlantic/Mountaineer Bears

WV, PA, MD, VA, and related areas.
47 7 2

1 month ago