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Upper Midwest Bears

BillingtanuBEAR here. Looking to connect the Bear Trail through the upper Midwest region. 
55 8 0 Ohio Wisconsin Missouri Indiana Michigan Illinois Minnesota Iowa

3 weeks ago
Connecticut Bears

For any Bears in Connecticut or the the surrounding area. Looking to get in contact with some locals of like-mind. 
15 1 0 Connecticut new england

4 weeks ago
Midsouth Bears

Where the South meets the Midwest meets Logos, you'll find us crushing.
25 6 0 Arkansas Kentucky Mississippi Missouri Tennessee

4 weeks ago
Polish Bears

Group for Bears from Poland.Happy do discuss any and all Poland connected issues. Organize meet ups and anything else
9 1 0 Poland Polish meet ups

4 weeks ago
Bears in Scandinavia

For like minded bears in Scandinavia (Sweden, Norway and Denmark)
14 2 0 Sweden Norway Denmark Stockholm Oslo Copenhagen Sverige Norge Danmark Scandinavia Skandinavien

4 weeks ago

Bears in Alabama and the surrounding areas.
9 3 0

4 weeks ago
Bears who Write / Blog

Just a gathering of Bears who like to write fiction, poetry, blogs, or whatever
26 3 0 blog writing Bears fiction

4 weeks ago
Georgia Bears

Any Bears in the Savannah/south Georgia area want to link up give me a shout!
18 2 0 Georgia Florida Savannah

4 weeks ago
Bears of India

Indians, NRI's, and bears from anywhere in the realm are welcome in this saloon.
2 0 0 India Delhi New Delhi

1 month ago
North Dakota Bears

All bears big and small, old and young, wise and dim to meet and find each other. 
17 4 0

1 month ago
First Coast Bears

Summoning all Bears in the Duval/St Johns/Nassau/Clay/Putnam/Flagler/Volusia Counties region. 
4 1 0

1 month ago
Kansas city mo

If you live in Kansas city mo or nearby lets meet up
10 1 0

1 month ago
bearfit - bears discuss fitnes, fasting, nutrition, exercise and physical performance

hail bearsthis group is all about lifting weights, swinging bells, running biking and calisthenicslooking to do livestreams chats and discussionsim on IG  the_kettlebell_bearim huge on fasting kett...
37 1 0

1 month ago
Vancouver Island Bears

For Bears living on this beautiful rock we call home. 
6 0 1 Canada Vancouver Island British Columbia

1 month ago
Melbourne/Victorian Bears

Hi all,Starting a Bear Vibe group for all Melbourne/Victorian Bears. All are welcome.Would be amazing to meet other bears and the discussion of a future potential south east Australian Beartaria.
3 1 0 Melbourne Australia Victoria Crushing

1 month ago
Bearexit - Bristol

Let's create a community of bears in the UK
19 2 0 UK

1 month ago
Internet Privacy

  For posting about maintaining Internet privacy including TAILS, TOR, separating contextual identities, encryption tools,  ad infinitum.
4 1 0 TAILS TOR Privacy Security Contextual Identity ad free browsing virus free browsing finding forbidden knowledge dicussing forbidden topics

1 month ago
Nor/Cen Cali Bears

Hello this group is for bears in the North Central part of California. Monterey, Santa Cruz, San Jose, Oakland San Fransisco and everywhere in between. The Goal of this group is to connect like-min...
26 5 0

1 month ago
Russian Bears - Русские

Bears of Russian descent or Russian-speaking wherever you may be in the world.  Join if you love Russia. Make connections.  Find a pen pal.  Start/join a book club.  За Веру, Царя и Свят...
13 6 0 orthodox russia connect meet social

1 month ago
ElDoCo Bears

For any bears in El Dorado county. Sleuth 
6 1 0 BearSleuth

1 month ago
Western Suburbs of Chicago

Group for bears in the western burbs. I'm in the Downers Grove area personally. Figured bears in the burbs may want to get together without having to drive into the city.
7 2 0 Chicago social MeetUp friends Food Music culture

1 month ago