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Rhode Island and New England Bears!

Connect with the local Bear Trail. For BEARTARIA!!!
12 1 0 Rhode Island Bears new england

3 months ago
Louisiana Bears

There were no groups for Louisiana Bears so I thought I would start one the future members.
5 0 0 Louisiana Cajuns Mardi Gras

3 months ago
DABNINO (Dallas Area Bears Not In Name Only)

W/ the "Dallas Bears", I planned, investigated (multiple trips), postponed twice for more convenience, and ultimately showed for a cookout I would soon learn to be attending alone.  If you are want...
1 0 0 Authenticity Genuine Community

3 months ago
Williamsburg and surrounding area bears

Please let there be some other bears around here!
3 0 0

3 months ago
Castle Ursa

Brainstorming the ultimate homestead for all bears!
57 3 1 Building castle

3 months ago
New Hampshire Bears

group for all Bears hailing from the Shire. 
15 4 0 new hampshire nh shire new england

3 months ago
Sports Bears

I want to see how many bears play sports and which ones. Maybe someday we'll have a bear team.
4 1 0 Sports Bear team Go bears

3 months ago
Denmark Bears

Find ligesindede bjørne i Danmark.Vi kunne skrive om emner som UATV, SG og etaten.
3 0 0 Denmark Danmark Dansk

3 months ago
Dallas Bears

For bears in the DFW area
34 15 1

3 months ago
New Zealand Bears

Bears who live in New Zealand, have visited or wish to visit New Zealand and other bears who are simply interested in New Zealand.
4 1 0 New Zealand Kiwi Oceania Aotearoa Bear Trail

3 months ago
Bears of the Cumberland Gap

Just starting a little group here near the Cumberland Gap!
6 1 0

3 months ago
Swiss Bears

Bears who live in or are in any other way connected to Switzerland
7 1 0

3 months ago
Manitoba Bears

Looking for bear contacts in Manitoba. 
10 2 0 Manitoba

3 months ago
Central Oklahoma Bears

A place for bears from central Oklahoma to interact. 
4 0 0

3 months ago
Pittsburgh Regional Sleuth

Catch-all sleuth for bears in Pittsburgh and the surrounding regions from West PennsylVirginia to I-80 and beyond, from Eastern Ohio to Penn State Country, centered around the Pittsburgh Metro, the...
11 0 0 Ohio Pennsylvania pittsburgh west virginia

3 months ago
Portland Bears

All the bears that live in Portland, OR should join this group so that we can meet and crush.
18 2 0 Crushing Trades Portland Bears Goats

3 months ago
Bears of the Balkans unite!

This group is made for bears from Balkans. Let's form a unity so we can rebuild what our ancestors lost for lollipops and fancy pants. It's open for anybody from Balkans except for atheist, there i...
4 1 0 Balkans Religon God Truth

3 months ago
Bears of Flanders

Bring bears to Flanders!
2 0 0

4 months ago
Wichita Bears

This is for Bears in the Wichita, KS area
19 2 0 Wichita Kansas KS ICT

4 months ago
Chattanooga Bears

For Bears in and around Chattanooga to  gather ladle the gravy. 
12 2 0

4 months ago
Northern California Bears

Looking for bears in the area with the motivation of fishing together, learning together, and supporting one another even if it’s just being there to have some fun! 
10 0 0 Crushing Fishing Pacific Northwest friends

4 months ago