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Skywatching Bears

Skywatching events will be posted here. Feel free to add your own!
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5 months ago
Central Iowa Bears

Ungrabbled Homesteading in a Cornfield
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5 months ago
Reno/Tahoe Legends

Fishing, Camping, Boating, Skiing, Family, Hunting, Spa weekends, Nightlife. Lake Tahoe and Reno Nv has a lot to offer. 
11 4 0 Lake Tahoe Sierra Reno Nevada Hunting Fishing Camping Boating Skiing

5 months ago
Bears of Siam

This is for any Bears living in Thailand. Feel free to share ideas about anything related to living in Thailand.  HOWEVER, there will be no "thai-bashing" in this group. Stick to the garbage on tha...
3 0 0 Thailand Expat Bears

5 months ago
Bears of France

Hi, this group is for Bears who knows there is no cheese in France since decades.
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7 months ago
Atlantis Families Crushing

Atlanta Georgia and surrounding areas.  Living in Babylon but not of Babylon.  Getting Families together 
11 0 0 #Atlanta #Georgia #Music #Bushcraft #Homestead #LOGOS #Building #Crafting #Growing ##Aquaponics

8 months ago